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FIA publishes three books by Lev S. Vygotsky
Written by FIA   
Thursday, 15 November 2007 00:00

In 2007, and after a long and meticulous reviewing and editing process, FIA publishes three books of the Byelorussian psychologist in Spanish ( Tool and Sign in Child Development The Tragedy of Hamlet / Psychology of Art and Writings on Art and Creative Education by Lev S. Vygotsky) dedicated to an aspect of his work relatively neglected in the international publishing arena, that related to processes of meaning-making, cultural creation, creativity and directivity.

All three volumes have been edited by Pablo del Río and Amelia Álvarez.

El instrumento y el signo en el desarrollo del niño (Tool and Sign in Child Development), coauthored by Lev S. Vygosky and Alexander R. Luria, presents an excellent synthesis of Vygotskian thought on mediation and higher psychic functions, and was written in 1930 in order to spread these ideas in the English-speaking countries. Thanks to, and in spite of, its brevity, this work, hitherto unpublished in Spanish, is an excellent introduction to the Vygotskian theoretical model, useful for students and for historical-cultural scholars alike.

La tragedia de Hamlet / Psicología del arte (The Tragedy of Hamlet / Psychology of Art) brings together Vygotsky’s first two great works, in which he advanced his theory on the dramatic structure on mind and claimed art’s central role in the formation of emotions and meaning-making processes. After a long period in which the Spanish edition of this classic opus was out of stock and its publication discontinued, this new version includes a foreword by the editors in which the work is contextualized within current historical-cultural theory development.

In Escritos sobre arte y educación creativa de Lev S. Vygotski, (Writings on Art and Creative Education by Lev S. Vygotsky), the editors have compiled and reviewed two kinds of writings by Lev Vygotsky, some of them previously unpublished in Spanish. On the one hand, his writings for teachers and educators, of didactic and agreeable nature, dedicated to the processes of creativity, artistic and literary education, child drawing and play. On the other hand, theoretical writings which connect with the psychology of art and the dramatic conception of mind, less visible in the most well-known, classic works by and about Vygotsky.

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