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Letter from the Editor of Revista de Psicología Social
Written by José Manuel Sabucedo   
Monday, 03 January 2011 00:00

In the spring of 1986 the first issue of Revista de Psicología Social (RPS) was published. Almost 25 years have passed since. For Spanish and Latin American Social Psychology, these two and a half decades have brought a radical transformation in very different issues: social and institutional recognition, resources, international presence, etcetera.


These changes are neither fortuitous nor are they simply due to the inertia of passing time. On the contrary, they are the result of the commitment that specific persons adopted regarding the development and promotion of our discipline. This attitude was expressed through very diverse initiatives and activities. One of them has bee the creation of means of expression and diffusion that like RPS have managed not only to bring visibility to the work of an important part of Spanish and Latin American Social Psychologists, but also to create an identity as a distinct field of knowledge. For this reason, this is an appropriate place and time to recognize the work and dedication of Professors Amalio Blanco, José Miguel Fernández-Dols, and Francisco Morales, as founders and to this day Editors of RPS, and of all their collaborators. They have pushed RPS to a benchmark of Social Psychology in Spanish language, and to be included in the most important international databases.

Bearing in mind the history of this journal and the people that have been associated to it in one way or another, I feel very honored by the trust in me deposited by the former Editors and by Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje in order to take the helm in this new stage. The task before us will not be easy, but it is guaranteed to be thrilling. Precisely because of that it is surely worth to tackle. This same idea is share by all the people that so generously have accepted to keep me company as associate editors and members of the editorial board. From the very first moment thay have shown total commitment to RPS' new project, and to work and learn by their side is being one of my most important satisfactions as editor.

The new editorial board has set a series of short and mid-long term goals. Some of them are:

– Improve the position and impact of the journal in the different databases. The changes in the author guidelines and the journal editorial policies seek to accomplish that published manuscripts are more accessible to the international scientific community. This way they will be more cited, which will benefit both authors and the journal itself.

– Keep a lively, rigorous, efficient and fast manuscript reviewing process. The changes introduced in this respect (see the journal's home page in and those that will soon be introduced head in that direction. And in this very same direction, authors are encouraged to read carefully the journal’s recommendations when preparing manuscripts. Publication is speeded by care in preparation.

– To encourage author participation in the definition of the journal's contents. The editorial board will regularly issue calls for papers so that potential editors may send their proposals for monographic issues on subjects of interest to the discipline. Once the editorial board has selected a subject, yet another open call will be issued for authors to turn in their manuscripts. Editors may encourage specific people to submit their manuscripts. In all cases, all manuscripts will be peer-reviewed.

– Admit new types of manuscripts. In order for the journal to remain a lively publication and to properly convey the dynamism found in research in the field of social psychology, two types of articles of equal scientific value are considered: 1) Research articles (with a maximum length of 7000 words) and 2) Brief research articles (with a maximum length of 3500 words). The latter are meant to showcase new and interesting data, but which are not availed by clear evidence in terms of the psychological processes involved.

– To make RPS into a publication of reference within Latin American Social Psychology. In our countries there is an ever growing number of groups and people that carry out high-quality, original research. The goal is that a significant part of them turn to RPS for publishing their work. Moreover, we also intend for authors of other geographical areas to consider the possibility of publishing in our journal. Inasmuch as visibility and impact are increased, the interest in publishing in this journal will also rise.

We will devout all our efforts to achieving these goals. We are nonetheless fully conscious that this is a collective project in which a wide array of people are playing an important part: the Board of Trustees at Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje, the editor's office, the editorial staff, authors, referees, and all the technical and administrative team at FIA. All of us will build, issue by issue, this new stage of RPS.

Finally, and in the name of all in the editorial board, I wish to thank you for your interest and to invite you to submit your best manuscripts to this journal.

Kind regards,

José Manuel Sabucedo


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