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Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje signs a Publishing Agreement with Taylor & Francis

Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje is happy to announce the signature of a Publishing Partnership Agreement with Taylor & Francis Group, whereby the British company, under its Routledge imprint, will manage the publication, as of 1st January 2014, of all our journals in a bilingual version: English and Spanish. (Read the press release.)

FIA will maintain ownership of the titles, and will still be in charge of appointing the journals’ Editors, who will keep complete autonomy in defining the journal’s aims and scope and in compiling the scientific contents. Taylor & Francis, in turn, will manage all processes involved in production, printing, online publishing, distribution, and subscriptions and renewals management.

The agreement marks the start of a new stage in the already lengthy lifetime of FIA journals, and its implications are many and diverse, but all with a common denominator: the growth and improvement of the collective project that are our five journals. We now present the most relevant.


The five FIA journals, thanks to the agreement with Taylor & Francis, will once again be pioneering in their respective fields through an iniative whereby:

- all articles are published in a bilingual format in English and Spanish, doubling the number of pages of every issue

- all our journals accept manuscripts submitted in either language

The benefits of this joint venture by FIA and Taylor & Francis are, from our point of view, extraordinary:

- our authors will be able to circulate their research in two linguistic regions simultaneously, with one single manuscript and peer-review process, and at no cost (see note)

- our readers will be able to access, in their own tongue, works written in a different language

In this way, we connect two of the world’s largest and most important scientific communities: the Spanish-speaking communities of Spain and Latin America, and the English-speaking communities of North America, United Kingdom and Oceania, as well as all scientists throughout the world who use English as their lingua franca.

Here at FIA we are very pleased to be able to continue striving, in this new stage, for positioning Spanish as a relevant scientific language. Our project Ciencia en Español thus finds continuity in a time in which   many journals choose to use English, the most established language in academia throughout the world. Although we believe that the availability of a lingua franca undoubtedly offers excellent communication opportunities for researchers, we also think that scientific advance may be bolstered through the participation of diverse linguistic communities and the communication between them. Through bilingual publication, monolingual readers will be able to access research that would otherwise be out of reach, thus opening new possibilities for exchange and reflection.

State-of-the-art and tradition in publishing

Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje, with over 36 years' experience in the field and promoter (if not pioneer) in Spain of many of the most important advances in scientific publishing (peer-review, style guidelines and instructions for authors, reference styles, Associate Editors-based workflows, online edition, use of DOIs and cross-reference linking systems, online peer-review software) has found an ideal partner in Taylor & Francis. A strong bet on state-of-the-art technical procedures and the observance of scientific tradition are essential pillars for both entities.

Taylor & Francis, founded in 1798, is one of the oldest and most important scientific publishers in the world. Currently, Taylor & Francis Group publishes over 1700 scholarly journals, and works alongside more than 460 learned societies and institutions. Routledge,  imprint under which FIA journals are published, is the world's leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

From online peer-review processes with specialized software such as Editorial Manager to the typesetting, proof correction and online and paper publication via the CATS (Central Article Tracking System) platform, Taylor & Francis' expertise results in a reduction of the time taken by peer-review processes, as well as faster publication of accepted articles.

The Taylor & Francis Online platform offers the latest advances in digital publishing. Besides services already offered by FIA to its authors and readers (DOI allocation for every article and cross-reference linking through CrossRef's system, plagiarism detection through CrossCheck), T&F Online includes RapidOnline Publication (accepted articles, after going through the typesetting and proof-reading processes are immediately published); CrossMark (system for locating the final version of record of scholarly articles); articles in HTML and PDF; first page preview of every article; mobile site compatible with iOS, Android and BlackBerry...

Author Services 

Our authors will have at their disposal world-class services for maximizing the visibility of their articles, supporting article submission and helping in the preparation of manuscripts. Taylor & Francis hosts a site dedicated to authors with excellent and useful information about all stages of authorship.

In the Autorship section of FIA's website we will regularly update our information in Spanish for those authors who have difficulties reading Taylor & Francis' site (only in English).

Institutions and libraries

LibSite, Taylor & Francis' dedicated site for libraries and institutions, offers information and tailored solutions to university libraries and all kinds of public and private institutions. Dedicated teams of customer care, sales and technical support will help our institutional subscribers make the most of their subscriptions.

In the Online Services section of FIA's website we will regularly update our information in Spanish for those institutional subscribers who have difficulties reading Taylor & Francis' site (only in English).



Note on translations: FIA and Taylor & Francis will translate the article, ensuring the quality of the translation from a linguistic standpoint. However, the scientific review of the translation (especially where field-specific terms are concerned) may be the authors' responsibilty. Go to our Authorship section for more information about the translation process.

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