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RIYA 43 4


Glances on Autism in 2020: Special Issue in homage to Ángel Rivière


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12 April, 2020 was the 20th anniversary of Ángel Rivière’s passing away. He was Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, expert in human development and education, and a key figure in the study, diagnosis and treatment of autism in the Spanish-speaking countries. For this occasion, the Journal for the Study of Education and Development / Infancia y Aprendizaje has been preparing, since March 2019, a Special Issue paying tribute to the contributions of this eminent author to the knowledge of today's so-called 'Autism Spectrum’. It was published in issue 43/4:

The articles written for this monographic issue dissect Rivière's theoretical agenda on autism and its projection at the research level, aspects that have not been analyzed in detail or reviewed so far (to our knowledge) except by the author himself. They identify the themes and approaches that he privileged in his studies of this spectrum of conditions, contextualizing his most original contributions, and updating his approaches in light of current knowledge. They thus offer original and compressed exegeses of both Rivière's proposals and subsequent research, providing multiple useful clues for the understanding of the complex and changing world of autism studies in the past five decades.

We hope that with Glances on Autism in 2020: Special Issue in homage to Ángel Rivière, our journal (which always had his support) brings the figure and work of this author closer to the new generations of people who study and work in some aspect of autism; also reviving, among those who knew him, the enormous intellectual and personal admiration that was always professed towards him.



1. Glances on autism in 2020: Special Issue in homage to Ángel Rivière. Presentation. Mercedes Belinchón, Rubén Palomo y Ruth Campos

2. Definition and theoretical explanation of autism: Ángel Rivière's narrative and its reflections. Mercedes Belinchón

3. Like mermaids or centaurs: Psychological functions built in interaction. Ruth Campos

4. The young child with autism: A review of Ángel Rivière's vision on the early development of autism. Rubén Palomo

5. Early interaction, communication and the origins of autism: Ángel Rivière's long-range vision. María Núñez y Juan Carlos Gómez

6. Intersubjectivity, joint attention and social reference in autism. An evolutionary explanation according to Ángel Rivière. Ricardo Canal

7. Genesis of the shared reference. A pragmatic look at autism. Julia Benassi y Cintia Rodríguez

8. Marbles, puzzles and spotlights. The ‘theory of mind’ in the Psychology of Ángel Rivière. María Sotillo

9. Autism in the first person. Ángel Rivière's challenges. Daniel Valdez, Juan Martos, María Llorente y Karina Solcoff

10. Stereotypes and restrictive and repetitive behaviors in autism. Carmen Nieto y Juan Antonio Huertas

11. Ángel Rivière and language: from Specific Language Disorder to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Marc Monfort y Adoración Juárez

12. Families of people with autism. Encarnación Sarriá, Ángeles Brioso y Pilar Pozo

13. Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Milestones and challenges. Javier Tamarit

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