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New Editorial Board of Infancia y Aprendizaje
Written by FIA   
Tuesday, 19 July 2011 00:00
In 2012, Infancia y Aprendizaje will have a new Editorial Board.
Elena Martín and Ignacio Pozo, the journal’s current Editors, have led our most notable publication to one of the most fruitful periods in its history. Their team of Associate Editors and their Editorial Board, along with referees and collaborators, have provided a level of quality and rigor comparable to that of the world’s best scientific journals.
Under their guidance, Infancia y Aprendizaje:
-has been selected by the world’s two most prestigous databases, Thomson Scientific/ISI’s Web of Knowledge and Elsevier’s Scopus
-has increased its impact factor in ISI’s Journal Citation Report (0.429 in 2010)
-has implemented an online manuscript submission system, improving the reviewing and editorial processes and by so doing staying, as usual, at the avant-garde of scientific publishing
-is still one of the most important and cited journals in Spain, retaining leading positions in the fields of psychology and education, according to the data published by IN-RECS, (Spanish Impact index of Spanish social-science journals), ever oscillating among the top ranks in their lists
-has consolidated in the global arena, increasing its international citations and boasting an international Editorial Board, as has been typical in this journal, widely acclaimed in the Latin American area
It is precisely in the international arena that inspires the trajectory of the incoming Editorial Board, directed Nora Scheuer (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas / Universidad Nacional del Comahue) and Carles Monereo (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona).
For the first time in the journal’s history, the Editor (in this case the co-Editor) resides on the other side of the Atlantic. Latin America’s ever-growing relevance in the scientific scenario, the proven excellence of many of its researchers, and the promising future of its universities and research centers are unavoidable reasons for researchers and scientists who publish in Spain to look to the West.
Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje’s vocation regarding the promotion of Spanish as a scientific language and of schools of Latin American psychological and educational thinkers is well known by our collaborators and readers. In this new stage of Infancia y Aprendizaje, this vocation is materialized in an even more international Editorial Board (and with a special emphasis on Latin America), which we are certain will contribute to the continued improvement of our publication and enable the communication of scientific advance our fields of influence.
We welcome all authors working in the fields of developmental psychology and education to keep their interest and support of our most veteran journal. In order to do so, we suggest you visit Infancia y Aprendizaje's website, in which you may:
-obtain information about Calls for papers
-follow the latest news about the journal
-read the Author guidelines and submit your manuscripts
Moreover, we invite you to visit Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje's website, in which we offer:
-information about subscriptions to Infancia y Aprendizaje and the rest of our prestigious journals
-information about online access to all our publications
-a complete section for authors in which you will find all necessary information for becoming an author of Spain's best psychology and education journals
-online services and tools of great usefulness for our authors and readers
-a section dedicated to all our books, of great interest to researchers on developmental psychology and education
We cannot finish this presentation without a fond mention of Alfredo Bautista’s excellent job throughout these past years in the manuscript reception and reviewing processes; the good news is Alfredo will accompany us in this new stage, a fact will which undoubtedly bring fluidity and quality to the manuscript reviewing process.
We bid our most enthusiastic welcome to Nora Scheuer and Carles Monereo, and our deeply grateful farewell to Elena Martín and Ignacio Pozo.
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