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New Editor of Journal for the Study of Education and Development, Infancia y Aprendizaje

ia 2017


Dr. Alfredo Bautista, The Education University of Hong Kong


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alfredo bautista

Taylor & Francis / Routledge and Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje are pleased to announce that Dr. Alfredo Bautista, Associate Professor & Associate Head at the Department of Early Childhood Education, and Co-Director of the Centre for Educational and Developmental Sciences, both at The Education University of Hong Kong, will become the new Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for the Study of Education and Development (JSED) (Infancia y Aprendizaje) starting January 1, 2022.

Dr. Bautista’s career has spanned several countries across three different continents. He completed his education in Spain, where he studied Psychology and Music (classical piano). After obtaining his PhD at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Victoria (Canada) and Tufts University (Boston, United States). Subsequently, he joined Singapore's National Institute of Education, where he served as Research Scientist and Assistant Dean (Professional Learning). In 2018, he joined The Education University of Hong Kong.

His research focuses on curriculum, pedagogy and teacher professional development. The wide thematic and methodological range of his publications speaks to Dr. Bautista’s multifaceted profile as a scholar: arts education (particularly music), mathematics and science education, STEAM, psychomotricity, play… While he is currently centered on early childhood education, his research has addressed most educational levels: primary and secondary schools, music conservatories, and higher education. This broad-ranging array of themes, age levels, and methodologies provide Dr. Bautista with a finely-tuned sensitivity to human development that flawlessly matches both the JSED’s historical trajectory and its present aims and scope.

He has collaborated with several international peer-reviewed journals, both as an Associate Editor (JSED, Psychology, Society, & Education, Pedagogies: An International Journal, Publicaciones) and as an Editorial Board Member (International Journal of Early Childhood, International Journal for Research in Education, SN Social Sciences, LÉEME). Moreover, Dr. Bautista has a unique relationship with JSED, where he has played multiple roles within the editorial board, apart from contributing as reviewer and author. He started serving as Editorial Assistant in 2005, followed by Managing Editor, Associate Editor, Special Issue Editor, and now Editor-in-Chief.

Dr. Bautista’s international career, diverse research focus, and long-standing editorial experience, combined with the extensive network of fellow scholars hailing from both English and Spanish-speaking countries and institutions he has build over the years, ensure both the continuity and the growth of the journal. With his strategic view for the future of developmental and educational science publications, and a hands-on approach to team-building, the journal is in a great position to reach Dr. Bautista’s goal for his tenure: to become an internationally inclusive showcase of the latest research on the psychology of human development, learning, and education throughout the lifespan.

Dr. Bautista’s work will build on the outstanding leadership of Dr. Bárbara M. Brizuela, outgoing Editor-in-Chief of JSED. We thank her for her excellent service to the journal over the last five years.


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