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FIA - Journals - Online subscription renewals

Online subscription renewal


Online subscriptions are automatically renewed following the end of the subscribed year if renewal payment has been correctly received.

FIA offers a grace period of three months starting January 1st of each calendar year to allow for current year subscription payment, and during which access to all subscribed content is maintained. When the first three months of the year are over, if subscription payment has not been received or correctly identified, online access will be cancelled and interrupted.

FIA denies all liability for incorrect subscription identification due to the absence of a valid subscription number or of the end customer's required data, a change of subscription agency or any other cause. On March 30th all non-identified and/or unpaid online subscriptions will be cancelled and interrupted.

To obtain further information on subscription renewal read our subscriptions terms and conditions.


Important steps to avoid online subscription access interruption

1. Make sure you have received your subscription renewal invoice

In your invoice you will find all relevant payment data, as well as your subscription number, indispensable for renewing online access (see step 3). If you haven't receibed your renewal invoice, please contact our  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Forward payment as soon as possible

Payment delay is the main source of problems in online content access. Grace period ends 30 March; we therefore recommend all payments are made early enough to be checked, so subscription information can then be sent to IngentaConnect for renewal to be validated

If payments are managed through a different department or company to the one that manages online content activation and access, we recommend contacting them in order to ensure payments are being correctly processed

3. Make sure your subscription number for each subscribed journal is up to date in IngentaConnect

If your subscription information in IngentaConnect is incorrect or inadequate it will be impossible for us to check payment status, resulting in access interruption to online content

We remind you that the only valid number to activate your subscription is the subscription number provided by Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje (51xxxx), which may be found in your invoice. Codes or numbers provided by subscription agencies or bookstores are not valid. If your subscription is managed by a subscription agency or bookstore, please make sure to request FIA's subscription number from them

We remind you that if you are currently subscribed to more than one of our journals, you will need a subscription number for each journal. Please ensure that all numbers are updated in IngentaConnect

If you have changed your subscription agency, or have cancelled a subscription and reordered it at a different moment, it is highly likely your subscription number may have changed. Please make sure you have the most recent, up to date information

4. If you have any queries about your online renewal status

Please contact our This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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