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FIA - Toolbox - Reference Management

Reference management


As those who dedicate many hours of their working time to write scientific articles and book chapters, an adequate organization of references and documents may result in significant time savings.

Many years ago the first applications came out for not only organizing references, but for introducing them automatically in the final list with the correct formatting. Today, the functions and possibilities of these applications render them all but indispensable for researchers and academics.

Overlapping of these applications' functions with those of other tools is ever increasing, for instance with those more specifically designed to manage and share references and documents, and it would not be too adventurous to think that, sooner than later (if not already), they can be considered as belonging to a same category of tools for academic work.

However a slight nuance still exists: tools shown in this section are more centered on organizing, storing and exporting and importing references.

Other functions such as importing and organizing documents in formats such as PDF, and especially the ability to share document and reference lists with peers and groups are still in their infancy.

Thursday, 22 July 2010 00:00


RefWorks is an online application designed to help researchers gather, manage, store and share all kinds of information, besides generating cites and lists of references.

Some of its most interesting posibilities include the creation of personal bibliographies by importing references from texts or online databases, and the automatic insertion of reference lists in research papers, but its features are far more numerous and varied.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010 14:59


EndNote is one of the first and most extended applications for managing bibliographies and lists of references.

Besides organizing references, PDF documents, pictures and other files, it allows users to instantly create reference lists when citing articles within the text, search in databases such as Web of Science and, with its new web-based interface, manage and share all this information through the Internet.

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