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Thursday, 22 July 2010 00:00


RefWorks is an online application designed to help researchers gather, manage, store and share all kinds of information, besides generating cites and lists of references.

Some of its most interesting posibilities include the creation of personal bibliographies by importing references from texts or online databases, and the automatic insertion of reference lists in research papers, but its features are far more numerous and varied.

31 reference types, 51 kinds of fields, more than 870 importing filters for electronic databases, text documents, RSS subscriptions, and all kinds of documents from the Internet, personal reference libraries sharing capabilities, automatic formatting for manuscript reference lists, instant and automatic insertion of cites and references while we write with just one click - all of it through a web-based application which is accessible from anywhere, does not require upgrades, and runs on any operating system; these are RefWorks main features.

Furthermore, RefWorks offers additional modules such as Scopus Edition (total integration with SciVerse/Elsevier's academic database, Scopus), RefShare (additional features for reference sharing), RefAware (alerting system for new relevant content), RefGrab-It (automatic gathering of bibliographic information in any website), or  RefMobile (access to the sytem RefWorks through wireless connection from a PDA or mobile phone).

Read about RefWorks' main features, read the frequently asked questions, or watch the tutorials

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