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Tuesday, 08 June 2010 00:00


Bibsonomy is a system for sharing and organizing bookmarks and lists of literature.

It stores the publications we wish in its server so that we may access them from anywhere, enables tagging so we can locate them with ease, it suggests similar entries, and facilitates communication between users and groups with common interests.

The name Bibsonomy springs from another neologism related to the advances of the Web 2.0: users' personal and individualized tagging of bookmarks and documents generate a spontaneous vocabulary, a "folksonomy", created by research groups and learning communities, who may thus get in contact with other terms and documents used by groups and users who share similar interests.

Other Bibsonomy features include importing and exporting to and from some of the most widely used formats such as BibTeX, EndNote, RIS (ReferenceManagement), RSS, HTML... as well as exporting to common citing styles such as APA's or Harvard's.

Read Bibsonomy's main features, the frequently asked questions or check the tutorials about this tool.

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