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Thursday, 24 June 2010 10:32


Connotea is one of the most extended systems for reference organization and sharing.

Great ease of use, simple and elegant interface, powerful tools, possibility of applying it to any Internet-based content: these and other virtues make Connotea a very useful tool for making the most of our academic work.

Connotea enables us to add to a personal library any content we find in the Internet. The built-in browser button simplifies the process even more: by simply clicking on it, the content we are currently browsing will be added to our library. DOI system implementation is one of the most interesting advances Connotea offers to researchers and academics.

Furthermore, Connotea automatically gathers bibliographic information from some of the main academic sources (Nature, Science, PubMed, Blackwell Synergy, Wiley Interscience...). It also offers linking options via OpenURL, thus enabling users of universities and institutions to locate the content of interest in their own libraries' collection.

Connotea imports references from BibTeX, EndNote, ISI Web of Knowledge, and Firefox bookmarks; and it exports our library's contents to some of these applications (EndNote, BibTeX...). RSS feeds, comments, user groups, community pages: las funciones y posibilidades de Connotea's functions and possibilities are so many and so useful that we can only convey a very summarized account here.

To get acquainted with Connotea we suggest you visit their website, read their user guide, or watch this introduction video.

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