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Friday, 25 June 2010 13:53


Mendeley does more than organizing and sharing references and documents. In fact, it does a whole lot more.

Mendeley is a desktop and web application for Linux, Mac and Windows which extracts bibliographic information directly from the desired PDF documents and then builds a database that can then be exported to any format we desire, and shared with the colleagues we wish (quite useful for research groups) or the larger Mendeley community.

Besides extracting bibliographic information from PDF documents, Mendeley also imports and exports information from and to the main reference management applications, such as BibTeX, EndNote, RIS... It also can automatically synchronize its content with Zotero or CiteULike.

Mendely allows organizing academic papers in specific projects, establishing a virtual library to which all members of a designated user group may access.

Tagging, search and filter features that enable us to quickly find relevant information, and a tool for reading and taking notes on our documents are some of the numerous practical functions Mendeley offers.

Once our information has been organized, we may generate citations and introduce them in a Word document, share them with very specific research groups or very wide researcher communities, and obtain papers suggestions, explore research trends, and access the most popular articles in the fields in which we are interested.

See Mendeley's main features, read the frequently asked questions, or check the reviews published about this revolutionary tool.

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