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Tuesday, 08 June 2010 00:00


Papers is a commercial application for Mac OS X, especially designed for researchers, which enables to organize in a personal library all our documents and research papers in an intuitive and simple fashion.

Endless searches through our folders and desktop for a particular article or author are over: Papers offers powerful search tools, tagging and collections so that finding a paper will take just a few seconds.

Papers is based on the main ideas behind other Mac OS X applications such as iTunes, applying them to the organization of all our documents. Thus, besides a perfect integration with Mac OS X, Papers adopts the clean, fast and intuitive style of Apple applications.

Its functioning is simple: we drag and drop our documents to Paper (or alternatively we import them from EndNote, BibTeX, or Microsoft Word), or we search from within the application through the world's most important databases, we then build the hierarchy of our preference in folders and collections (being able to create "smart" collections or folders, which automatically add papers that comply to the variables we have previously set), we add the relevant tags to each article, and Papers handles the rest.

A perfect and personalized organization, a powerful search tool (Spotlight), and the possibility of browsing by author name or journal means that finding an article will never be a problem again. Moreover, Papers includes a comfortable full-screen mode so that we do not have to print the articles.

Of course, Papers also enables sharing all our articles with our friends and colleagues, at the full-text, reference, or URL levels; all with just one click. Papers has also developed an app for iPhone, Papers Touch. With it we may synchronize our whole personal library (or just a part), as well as search, share and read articles when away from home.

Visit Papers' website, read the last news, the  review on MacWorld, the history behind its creation, or take a look at the design awards this application has received.

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