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Thursday, 24 June 2010 10:31


Scribd is, in short, the YouTube of written documents.

We may upload any document we wish (Word, PDF, PowerPoint): Scribd turns it into a web file (iPaper) viewable online, from any place, at any time; and of course, shareable with anyone we desire.

Although it is not specifically designed for scholarly papers, but to all kinds of written documents, its flexibility and unspecificity allow for countless uses and offer great advantages to scientific research.

For those familiarized with YouTube, the kind of functions Scribd offers may be imagined: once we have uploaded our document, if we so wish, it is published in the World Wide Web, so that it reaches both all Internet users through search engines such as Google or Yahoo, as well as Scribd users.

We may also embed the particular document in our blog or website without further installations: Scribd takes care of everything. The format used by Scribd to transform our documents into web-viewable contents, iPaper, preserves all original characteristics that mark our document as unique: fonts, colors, design, art...

Thus, Scrib permits sharing all kinds of content: books, scripts, comics, even musical scores and recipes. Its applications in the scientific field are almost unlimited (as long as we speak of static images): personal writings, tables, figures: all will be stored in Scribd to be shared with whoever we will.

Scribd is a social reading tool. As is the case with other similar applications, we can create  specific groups to share our documents, a quite useful feature in the academic environment (research groups, cross-institutional groups of similar interests, and so on), in a public or private way. And we may also share our interests and current readings in all major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Along with an excellent uploading and sharing system, Scribd has created a very wide reader community. It therefore allows for a real chance of worldwide spread of our personal work.

Read more about Scribd, watch this presentation to know all the details, or visit the profile and documents of FIA in Scribd

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