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Tuesday, 27 July 2010 00:00


Bookends is an application for Mac OS X especially conceived for researchers.

Bookends allows to import references from EndNote, PDFs or files in our hard drive, or directly from the Internet through PubMed, Web of Science, Google Scholar, JSTOR, Amazon, and many other sources, allowing for PDF download when available. These sources can then be managed, annotated and cited from within the same application.

A few of Bookends' most interesting features, besides those mentioned above, are:

-autocomplete (if we own a full text PDF file for a given reference, Bookends looks up the missing bibliographic data in the Internet's main scholarly databases and completes the reference automatically)
-a built-in Internet browser (one of this browser's most interesting features is that it may automatically create a reference with the title, URL and date of the website we are currently visiting)
-tag clouds for our notes and documents (making references related to a given word more readily accessible)
-reference cross-linking (lists of user-defined relationships between documents, notes and comments)
-integration with Microsoft Word and Apple Pages (Bookends scans documents in search of temporary citations that are rendered into a definitive reference list according to user-defined parameters)
-multiple-computer syncing.

Read about Bookends' main features, view the FAQ, or watch the tutorials

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