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FIA - Journals - Culture and Education

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Culture and Education, Cultura y Educación

Editor: Nikolai Veresov (Monash University)


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2022 Impact Factor: 1.1

5-year Impact Factor: 1.7

Languages: English and Spanish (fully bilingual journal)

Frequency: Quarterly

Months of publication: March, June, October, December

ISSN: 1135-6405

Online ISSN: 1578-4118

Indexing in selective databases1: Journal Citation Reports (Social Sciences Edition),

Social Sciences Citation Index/Social SciSearch, Scopus, Academic Search Complete,

Academic Search Premier, Education Research Complete, ERIHIRESIE, Latindex, ISOC.

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Culture and Education, Cultura y Educación (C&E) is a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles that explore the ways culture and education shape human development. The cultural-historical approach taken in the journal views culture not only as the realm of human customs, values and beliefs, but also as a variety of historically rooted forms of being human; complex and dynamic forms of human production through different types of activity. Education is seen as including both formal and informal institutions and a variety of cultural practices and activity systems (school/preschool education, play pedagogy, indigenous education, health education, family education, professional education, special education, etc.). Education is both universal, and at the same time it is context-specific. Cultural practices involving creativity and social interactions are similarly both universal and specific. Educational practices are by definition cultural practices, and the journal particularly welcomes studies that link culture, education, and human development.

Types of articles admitted for consideration include research reports, position papers, accounts of teaching experiences, and descriptions of ground-breaking educational projects. For details, please read the Instructions for Authors.

Both empirical and theoretical research papers are welcome, but all papers must demonstrate methodological rigor related to cultural-historical/activity theories. High level qualitative and quantitative research papers are welcome. There will be no restrictions when it comes to age ranges or social settings. Data may come from ethnographies, experimental approaches, intervention studies, case studies, interviews, questionnaires, etc.

The Journal does not publish reliability and validity studies of assessment instruments.

Special issue proposals are welcome.

Read the Instructions for Authors for further information on how to submit your article.

C&E is primarily aimed at researchers and professionals working in schools and universities, but also those working in social, family, and community projects. We welcome contributions from workers in all educational and cultural fields, including psychology, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, communication, and all areas of educational research. The journal publishes all content in English and Spanish.

Important notice: as of 2021, only English-language manuscripts are accepted for review.


Important notice


This website has been moved to Cultura y Educación's website in Sage Publications, following the publishing agreement signed by Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje and Sage Publications.

Subscriptions will be entirely managed by Sage Publications, as well as reprints and rights and permissions.


1Only those databases that carry out a process of journal quality evaluation or selection based on objective criteria are shown.

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